Our focus

We simplify the process of planning, designing and the producing of furniture and interiors. imos software applications benefit from simplicity, efficiency and innovation with a high quality "Made-in-Germany" standard. Our solutions are based on an innovative technological approach providing multiple ways of designing and modifying furniture at every step of the process. Most importantly, imos software ensures an internal manufacturing standard. Together with customers, leading manufacturers of fittings and woodworking machine suppliers, we constantly verify the requirements of the industry and accordingly adjust the software solution. Consequently, we have become one of the leading providers to the worldwide furniture market within the software sector.

  1. Founding

    The company was founded in 1993 by Professor Dr. Frank Prekwinkel, with the aim of standardising object-oriented CAD / CAM technology within the furniture industry.

  2. Applications for furniture suppliers

    The furniture supplier industry provides the imos users with their current product catalogues for direct use in the design.

  3. imos NET 1.0

    In 2001, imos NET, the web-based presentation and ordering system for innovative eBusiness solutions, was developed.

  4. Internationalization

    Internationalization of products and global marketing. Today, the software is available in 27 languages and is available in over 82 countries.

  5. Data from iFurn

    Supplier products online - catalogues of leading suppliers are available online via iFurn and can be processed directly in imos CAD.

  6. Sale-to-Machine

    Based on the idea of "Sale-to-Machine", imos 10.0 offers not only new possibilities in 3D modelling and the control of 5-axis machines, but also includes modules for sales support. imos 10.0 pushes further the philosophy of the continuous data flow by passing data to the front end sales departments.

  7. 360/AR

    360 evokes thoughts of "all-round" or "closed" - this also applies to space, time and process. imos AG announces its new product group, which makes it possible to integrate the end customer into the design and order process for the furniture manufacturer.

  8. imos iX

    imos iX is the complete solution for the sale and manufacture of furniture and equipment for companies using a networked production facility and industry 4.0. The "i" stands for INNOVATION and INTEGRATION, the "X" refers to words like EXCHANGE and CONNEXION, and stands for the exchange of the data on different applications throughout the entire sales and manufacturing process.

25 Years of Innovation

On 15 November 2018, the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of our company took place in Herford. At the same time, we opened the iXperience Center, in which various furniture production scenarios can be presented.

The new technology center is the result of further development of the imos iX software solution. In the age of industry 4.0, we always keep the focus on progress, continue to think innovations and invest in new technologies for furniture production. The first developed scenario presented that evening is kitchen production in the digital world.