CAM iXchange

Discontinuation imos CAM Manager

Further development and maintenance of the imos CAM Manager will be discontinued as of 31.12.2019. It will still be possible to use the imos CAM Manager, but we recommend a change to the new technology iX CAM.


The imos CAM Manager (left) and iX CAM (right) in a direct comparison:

The new technology offers a significantly extended range of functions.

Work with it simply, quickly, safely and economically!

In the iX Support Center you will also find current training materials and Online Academy seminars on iX CAM.

Your benefits when using iX CAM

Workflow-oriented data generation
→ Specific data for different machines
→ Sequence and control via workflow
→ Multiple machine connection
→ Data for alternative production routes

Separation of CAD and CAM
→ Little to no knowledge of manufacturing required for CAD personnel
→ Data creation in CAD independent of CAM
→ Tool and technology assignment at component and machining level


The change to iX CAM

What is important to note?
It is not possible to import master data from the imos CAM Manager. Tool, processing and workflow data are therefore created from scratch.

Installation, training and setup
Of course, the imos Service assists you in setting up iX CAM. Our support can be done online or at your site.
We calculate the effort per machine individually and coordinate it with you before, so that we can offer you the best solution.

Optional: Analysis of the production process
The analysis of your operational production process is useful if you want to use all features of iX CAM. Our imos Service will be happy to do the analysis for you. Based on the documentation of the analysis, the planning of the iX CAM connection will be started.

Profit from the benefits of the new imos CAM technology!

Please contact your imos Service Partner for advice and to plan the introduction in your plant.