imos iX 2019

The software release imos iX 2019 is available since Juli 10, 2019 for new installations in German-speaking countries. The release will be also available for international and existing customers approximately in October 2019.

We have summarized the most important new features of this software version. Detailed and technical information on the individual functions can be found in the iX Support Center under Product Information.

What's New

  • Room planning
  • Plan articles
  • Smart contiguous parts
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Create scenes
  • More about iX PLAN
  • Room planning
  • Material texture management
  • Extended planning functions
  • Planning aids
  • Photorealism
  • Virtual reality
  • More about iX NET
  • Interactively arrangeable user interface
  • Cut-out articles
  • Drawing Output
  • Project design Management
  • More about iX CAD
  • Automated optimization of workflow selection
  • CNC sandwich process
  • Process time determination
  • CNC edge banding
  • CNC solid wood strategies
  • More about iX CAM
  • Automatic update of fitting data
  • Generic and real animations
  • Extension of export data
  • Integration DataBroker
  • More about iFurn
iX Support Center / Softlock
  • Support Center relaunch
  • Online user account My imos with license and data management
  • Licensing via Softlock
  • To iX Support Center

Tell us your view!

Our developers are already working on the next iX release. You can support us in our work and help us to make our software even better: Evaluate our innovations and tell us which functions are particularly important for you. We are looking forward to your feedback!