iX Interio is the ecosystem for furniture manufacturers and interior designers that enables new digital cooperation models: Suppliers, manufacturers and end customers are connected with each other - even beyond company boundaries.

From networked applications to the ecosystem

iX Interio is the result of developing autonomous software applications to integrated solutions that fulfill the requirements of digitalization and overcome both technological barriers and company boundaries.
iX Interio is based on a series of applications and databases. The key component is the central product database, which dissolves the interfaces in the process and provides reliable information at all times. The integration of adjacent systems such as ERP or MES is largely standardized via the Integration Server. Depending on application and user group, both desktop and cloud-based applications are used.

Benefits of iX Interio

Integrated – No interfaces
Consistent – Continuous flow of master and transaction data between user groups
Secure – Integrated database
User-friendly – Scalable customized applications
Standardized – High maintainability of the system