Share complex order and design information easily

iX Scout is a cloud service that simplifies communication and processes in order handling by making printed documents superfluous. Instead, design data and manufacturing information can be displayed on the tablet - on the shop floor and during assembly, always up-to-date and available at any time.

At the heart of this is a specially developed 3D viewer that displays the furniture design created with imos iX CAD in its entirety.

The features of iX Scout

3D view

In addition to the display of the CAD design, the 3D view also offers comment and zoom functions. Selecting and cropping is also possible. If a component is selected in the design, its properties and the associated comments are displayed.


The individual list overviews cutting, edge info, part info, part dimensions, surfaces, CNC info and purchased parts provide all the necessary information for the design - including dimensions, material, weight, quantity, programs or barcodes.
All list items are related to the 3D viewer and have a quick filter. Parts can be checked off, with a new list available for each workstation to check off.


All documents and comments that belong to an order are clearly displayed in the dialog and can be displayed by order, component or article.

Own views

Employees can create their own overviews with self-selected parameters and tailor manufacturing information to their individual work step.


Everywhere in the user interface it is possible to scan the QR code of a component. Immediately, the associated design and manufacturing details are displayed and the part is color-coded in the 3D viewer.


With the chat, not only information can be transmitted as text, but also attachments such as images and documents can be easily attached. Chat messages are not lost, but are collected in the dialog.

The benefits of iX Scout in the manufacturing process

The digital assistant not only structures and accelerates the exchange of information, but also provides each employee with the information they need for their work step at any time. Orders can thus be processed more efficiently and securely. 
Here are just a few application examples of iX Scout:

Work preparation

There is no need to create an order folder with papers, instead all order data is uploaded to the iX Cloud and retrieved there by iX Scout.

If there is an update to the job, the changed data is uploaded again via the cloud and all workspaces involved are notified via the chat function.

Questions can be dealt with quickly thanks to the chat function - and remain visible in the dialog so that the information from it can be called up again at any time.


A cabinet includes several drawers, one of which is heavier than the others. In the design, the drawer with the higher weight class can be displayed and thus identified.

On the machine, you can see how a component looks in the overall construction and where it must be located, for example, so that black knots can be hidden in the furniture.

The saw can clearly see which components are to be cut and how.

Component info and edge graphics in the list function show exactly which edges need to be processed at the edge bander.


Whether it's comprehensive assembly instructions or directions to the customer - everything can be called up immediately in the dialog.

It is clear at a glance which components belong to a carcase and how they must be assembled. Comprehensive instructions are quickly at hand in the dialog.

All fittings can not only be displayed via the list, the preview also shows the exact installation location in the construction.

A component is missing on the construction site - the request to the office is quickly made with the chat.

It can be so easy!

A workflow with iX Scout

Do you want to make your order processes faster, simpler and paperless?

iX Scout supports you!

Find out more about how you too can use iX Scout in your company – we will be happy to advise you.