Manufacture & Assembly

A cross linked platform: Directly to the Machine

Completed orders originating from either iX NET, iX PLAN or iX CAD can be sent directly to the CNC machines. From the finalized design, iX CAM automatically generates the CNC programs for all common machine manufacturers – whether an individual CNC machine, an automated workshop center, or a totally networked production plant.

On click: Production Reports and NC data

In addition, the entire production processes are mapped and the CNC data generation adapts to the respective production workflow: easy, fast, secure and economic.

Share order and design information easily

Order and production documents are available online in the cloud and can be easily shared - at any time and from anywhere.



  • Production lists and NC data directly from iX CAD
  • Control of production systems and CNC machines from industry leading suppliers
  • Automatic tool and drill allocation
  • Unique part identification using barcode labels
  • Efficient 5-axis programming including toolpath simulation
  • Multi-machine operations using intelligent workflows
  • Special machining strategies for solid wood machining, edge banding on CNC, 5 axis and nesting machines
  • Calculation of machining times
  • Modifying NC programs without changing the main data

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From planning or design directly to the machine

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iX Scout

Easily share complex job and design information in the cloud solution From planning or design directly to the machine

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