Automated CNC programming with iX CAM

From planning or design directly to the machine

From the finished design drawing or the online store directly to the machine: iX CAM automatically generates the CNC programs for all common machine manufacturers from planning or design – from the individual CNC machine to the workshop cell or the networked production plant. In addition, in-house production processes can be mapped and CNC data generation can be adapted to the respective production flow – simply, quickly, reliably and economically.

An overview of the highlights

  • Integrated in iX Organizer and iX CAD
  • Production lists and NC data at the push of a button directly from imos CAD
  • Direct connection of CNC machines and production lines of common makes 
  • Automated tool assignment
  • Unique part identification via barcode labels
  • Generation of approach and retract movements of the tool as well as the
  • automatic individual positioning of the parts
  • Integrated nesting function in imos CAD as well as data provision to third-party systems
  • Toolpath animation of CNC programs in iX CAD
  • Connection to manufacturer systems, including woodWOP, B-Solid and Maestro
  • Connection to common cutting optimization software, e.g. Schnitt Profi(t), ARDIS, HPO, OptiPlanning, Ottimo
  • Allocation of part machining to several machines
  • Management of tools, technologies and machining strategies
  • Special machining strategies for solid wood machining, edge banding
  • on CNC, 5-axis and nesting machines
  • Calculation of machining times

Features & Description

The data flow is essentially based on the workflows. Here, component or machining properties are used to control which path a component takes through production. production. Starting from the cutting dimension, which is transferred from iX CAD, processing steps such as processing steps such as formatting and edge banding are taken into account, and subsequent programs are written according to the existing component dimensions.

The object-oriented approach means that detailed manufacturing data can already be derived from planning and design. Not only geometry data, but also the technology parameters as well as the process sequence are generated automatically. iX CAM considers the individual machine configuration: From the single CNC machine to the workshop cell consisting of saw, edge and CNC up to the fully automatic industrial plant, a professional and economic CNC connection is feasible.

  • Approach and departure routes
  • Milling strategies
  • Converting machining operations
  • Mirror programs
  • Zero point corrections
  • Multiple generation of NC programs for machining on both sides
  • Contour machining
  • tool assignment
  • and much more

imos does not offer its own cutting optimization, but uses a freely configurable interface. Not only cutting dimensions and material designations can be transferred, but also part designations, item numbers, component graphics and much more can be transferred. This information can be output on a component-specific label.  

The core of CNC production is a suitable workpiece identification via barcode or similar. A unique part number can be generated directly in imos according to freely adjustable rules. This ensures that the part can be clearly assigned in production.

Not only can the processing time per process step be defined individually, you can also calculate and provide process times.

Special facts

  • Customer configuration instead of special development

The openly designed configuration interface allows to independently design the output and definition of the programs and adapt them to the needs of your production. Tooltips explain the individual functions and provide useful examples for use. An input wizard helps to enter formulas and variables syntactically correctly.

  • Complex production processes

The automated CNC data generation in iX CAM can take place for multiple workflows and allows a flexible production planning. Thanks to special milling strategies, solid wood and frame parts are machined taking into account their respective grain direction.

  • Obtains geometry and machining data from iX CAD

An end-to-end data model from sales to manufacturing ensures error-free and complete output.

In which areas can iX CAM be used particularly well?

  • All user groups that require manufacturing data for machines

Even more functions for iX CAM

iX CAM can do even more - the range of functions can be easily extended with these optional add-ons:

Edge With the add-on for edge gluing, the gluing processes of different machine manufacturers can be defined and controlled. While the process for HOMAG machines is defined in imos, predefined macros are controlled for Biesse and SCM. For IMA machines, the IMA Quick Tool is controlled and supplied with parameters.
Sandwich The sandwich allows the user to generate CNC programs for combined components (e.g. side panels with rows of holes) that can be clamped simultaneously on one machine. The programs of the individual components as well as the combined sandwich program with machining from above and below are created. The function is integrated as a call in the workflow. This makes it possible to define precisely which components are to be combined.
Direct Nest With Direct Nest, user can nest components with the same core material in iX CAD in a predefined cutting plate and generate the CNC program for it. The direct generation of nesting plans takes place in iX CAD from the active job (prerequisite iX CAM), whereby a distinction is made between plate and long part cuttings. A postprocessor CNC is included.
Multi Workflow Multi Workflow allows to use multiple CNC machines in one workflow, with different aggregate placement and post processors if necessary. In addition, the function "Process all matching workflows" is available. Previously, each part was assigned to a single matching workflow in the automatic CAM run. By activating this option, data of all matching workflows will be written for each part. A downstream process can then use the data to optimize the utilization of all machines, e.g. in the event of a machine failure.
CAM Edit With the help of iX CAM Edit, user animate and modify their process data while still processing the order, without changing your master data. This saves a trip to the machine and additional software licenses. In the iXplorer tab of the same name, user will find the element tree with all generated programs. The context menu contains the options for isolating and visualizing programs and machining operations. To view and adjust its program values in the properties palette, a machining has to be select.
iX CAM MAX iX CAM MAX is a CAM system for graphical programming of 5-axis machines including 3D simulation, i.e. to generate 5-axis CNC programs from AutoCAD objects and imos designs. It contains preconfigured machining cycles for typical 5-axis machining operations as well as simulations of the machining operations in 3D as material removal, tool path, kinematics simulation without machine data. Tool calculation is possible with configurable parameters (e.g. tool, approach/ departure, infeed etc.). The field of application is 5-axis machining of interior fittings and furniture, panel-shaped materials, formatting of layer-glued, curved components and profiling on solid wood parts. Unlike iX CAM, iX CAM MAX can generate operations from free solids, surfaces and lines. In addition, iX CAM MAX can generate automated imos machining operations. It supports drilling, milling and sawing with interchangeable tools on the 5-axis aggregate as well as interpolation. Fixed aggregates and special aggregates must be tested individually.


Expand your possibilities in the production process:

These imos iX products are useful additions to iX CAM and make your processes even more efficient.


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