Paperless manufacturing with the digital order assistant iX Scout

Easily share complex job and design information in the cloud solution


iX Scout is a cloud service that facilitates communication and processes in the order processing: Like a digital assistant, iX Scout clearly displays all design data and manufacturing information for an order online in the browser. The special feature: Printed documents become superfluous, communication and information exchange between departments much easier.

iX Scout not only structures and accelerates the exchange of information, but also provides each employee with exactly the information he or she needs for his or her work step at any time. Orders can thus be processed more efficiently and securely.

An overview of the highlights

  • Order and production documents available online
  • Web application with call-up via browser
  • Flexible application on mobile devices (tablets) or stationary computers
  • Access from anywhere
  • Transparent communication and simple data and information exchange between work preparation, workshop and assembly
  • Visual support through detailed 3D model
  • Clear and easy to use, simple navigation with search fields and scanning options on all levels
  • Scalable number of users and storage space
  • No installation required

Applications & Functions

In the 3D view, user can not only view the order model, but also interactively explore individual objects. With intuitive navigation and functions such as isolate and hide, they can quickly find your way around. Elements are selected by tapping or clicking on them, or by scanning a QR code. The properties of the element as well as the corresponding chat history are displayed in corresponding sidebars.

A selection of lists provides all order information in various constellations. Component information such as dimensions, edge information or details of purchased parts included in the order can be viewed quickly and conveniently.
All list items are related to the 3D viewer and have a quick filter. Parts can be checked off, with a new list available for each user to check off.

All documents and comments that belong to an order are clearly presented in the dialog and can be displayed by order, component or article.

With the Custom Views, every user can compile exactly the content he needs for his daily work. A selection of the already described iX Scout components is arranged according to a suggested layout and saved internally. A created view can therefore be used by all users.

Everywhere in the user interface it is possible to scan the QR code of a component. Immediately, the associated design and manufacturing details are displayed and the part is color-coded in the 3D viewer. You can use your device camera or a handheld scanner for scanning.

In the dialog (chat), each participant can ask their questions exactly where they arise: the selected object in the 3D view - be it an article, a component or a fitting - is automatically assigned to the message so that other participants can navigate from the chat overview directly to the viewer to identify the object concerned. Not only can information be transmitted as text with the chat, attachments such as images and documents can also be easily attached.

  • Creation of order information: There is no need to create an order folder with papers, instead all order data is uploaded to the iX Cloud and retrieved there by iX Scout.
  • Updating the order information: If there is an update to the order, the changed data is uploaded again via the cloud and all work areas involved are notified of this via the chat function.
  • Answering queries: Queries can be dealt with quickly thanks to the chat function - and remain visible in the dialog so that the information from them can be called up again at any time.
  • Identify components: A cabinet includes several drawers, one of which is to have pull-outs with a higher load. In the design, the drawer with the higher weight class can be displayed and thus identified.
  • Position of components on the machine: On the machine, it is possible to see how a component looks in the overall design and where it must be located, for example, so that black knots can be hidden in the furniture.
  • Cutting for the saw: For the saw, it is clear to see which components are to be cut to which dimensions. A cutting list can be sorted by material to quickly determine the required component dimensions.
  • Edge processing: Component info and edge graphics in the list function show exactly which edge material needs to be applied to the edge banding.
  • All information quickly at hand: Whether it's comprehensive assembly instructions or directions to the customer - everything is immediately available in the dialog.
  • Easy assembly: It is clear at a glance which components belong to a carcase and how they must be assembled. Comprehensive instructions are quickly at hand in Dialog.
  • Fittings installation: All fittings can not only be displayed via the list, the preview also shows the exact installation location in the construction.
  • Order missing components: A component is missing on the construction site - the request to the office is quickly made with the chat.

Special facts about iX Scout:

  • Communication

Company-wide order or order detail-based communication

Direct communication about order details via chat function

Transparent communication between users

  • Data

Dynamic provision by re-uploading the data

Can always be kept up to date, as no printed paper has to be exchanged

Available at any time and can be accessed from anywhere

In which areas can iX Scout be used particularly efficiently?

  • In the production of small and medium-sized companies without a manufacturing or similar solution with a low to medium degree of automation
  • In final assembly for data provision and communication
  • In management for the overview of orders in production


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