The new version of imos iX 2021 available since 21.10.2021

With each new version of imos, we also pursue a vision - we want to offer our users not just the latest, but the best version of our software.

Winfried Dell
Board of Directors imos AG

In developing our new version, we have clearly focused on expanding our cloud services and on digital networking within the industry. At imos, we are pushing ahead with the strategy of opening up our technology, which will raise cooperation opportunities for production and marketing to a new level. In this way, we are responding to the global trend that industrial companies and craft enterprises alike are increasingly designing their business models across company boundaries, selling products internationally and modernizing their services.

Some Highlights of iX 2021


  • Simplified menu navigation
  • Bundled construction and design functions
  • Unified basic functions

  • Optimized wizards for article creation
  • New functions for inserting articles
  • New functions for the construction of object furniture and counters

  • Generate fully dimensioned and labeled floor plan, elevation and section drawings in just one step
  • New features for creating countertop and installation plans
  • Intelligent update logic keeps drawings up to date

  • Simple positioning of the article with specification of distances, dimensional changes and rotations
  • Simplified planning by copying ready-configured articles
  • Create virtual walls: when using architect floor plans, lines can be defined as virtual walls

  • Responsible user, order status and locations can be used
  • Order status can be assigned automatically
  • Higher transparency in the order process

iX CAD Highlights

iX CAD offers even more comfort and improved handling for the creation of new designs. Among other things, the now bundled design wizards play a key role here. imos has also invested in the security of XML data. Experience the highlights!


  • Clear workflow with editable, customizable drawing output
  • Add and edit views
  • Consideration of free-standing furniture
  • Create and edit worktop and installation plans
  • Edit and define layout output

  • Simple positioning of the article with specification of distances, dimensional changes and rotations
  • Simplified planning by copying ready-configured articles
  • Create virtual walls: when using architect floor plans, lines can be defined as virtual walls

  • Responsible user, order status and locations can be used
  • Order status can be assigned automatically
  • Higher transparency in the order process

  • Make catalog data secure and protect against theft
  • Option: XML integrated into database instead of easily accessible folder structure
  • Option to hide and encrypt database given

  • Low investment
  • Flexible licensing
  • Maintenance included

iX PLAN Highlights

iX PLAN includes even more functions such as individual dimensioning and commenting. Thanks to optimized item positioning and simplified planning, even complex circumstances can be planned easily.



  • Clear user guidance with assigned order
  • Step by step navigation
  • Faster operation and little need for explanation
  • Accelerated article placement and generation
  • Drag&drop placement without loading time in standardized previews
  • Surfaces, handles and design features are loaded and exchanged in the background
  • No more waiting time, direct and faster planning enabled

  • New tools for individual project management
  • Clear representation of the project phases

  • New interface with intuitive and user-friendly design


  • Customized store interface according to your own wishes or corporate design
  • Integration into own website

  • Seamless transfer of orders to the respective imos iX environment - existing imos iX database is integrated into the processes

Thanks to the latest web technology, the user interface adapts to the display size of the device with which the online store is currently being accessed. Whether at home on a desktop or on the move with a tablet or smartphone - customers can browse and store in the store anywhere and at any time.

The ready-made store solution myDesign offers predefined catalogs, a simple and guided process for selecting materials and fittings, and a complete and modern online store with predefined templates.

iX NET Highlights

Tailor-made for B2B sales: impressive planning with all the details is made possible by the new room planner - and it's both quick and easy.


Optimized workflow

Copying stations now works across workflows. Details subordinate to the stations can also be copied within a workflow.

Increased performance

Multithreading enables the distribution of the workload. For example, data generation can be distributed across several (max. four) cores - the result: data is generated twice as fast.

iX CAM Highlights

Using two post-processors (instead of one) doubles the speed of generating drawing documents, manufacturing documents and CNC programs, speeding up operations and maximizing productivity.

iX Connect

imos has developed a software component for users of the desktop-oriented CAD/CAM application iX CAD that acts as an interface to make the integration of such services simple. As an integrated component of the iX Organizer, iX Connect handles both the communication of iX CAD with the cloud and the checking of access and usage authorizations as well as the exchange of relevant data. iX CAD users can thus easily add services to the functional scope of their software and make their manufacturing process more convenient without having to access many individual programs.

The first service that can be integrated into iX CAD via the cloud is intelliDivide from HOMAG. The digital assistant is just one of many digital products made available by the HOMAG Group via its industry platform tapio. intelliDivide takes the cutting lists generated from CAD, determines the appropriate cutting optimization for the components in just a few moments and transfers the data to the saw. The optimization result can be controlled according to different criteria and calculates either the handling by the machine operator, the waste, the material costs, the time required or a balanced solution.

How does iX Connect work?

The integration of external services has never been easier than with the new imos interface.


We have redesigned the interface in the iFurn Catalog: The appealing design and new structure provide a better overview. New functions have also been added.

Existing manufacturer catalogs were updated and expanded.

iFurn in the application

Discover the diversity of digital product data and the benefits for your design!

The new innovations from imos that will join the product family in 2021: iX Scout and myDesign.

iX Scout

Process orders faster and make them easier. And even paperless!

The digital service iX Scout makes exactly that possible by providing reliable, up-to-date design data and manufacturing information, especially for the workshop and assembly areas.

The diverse functions of iX Scout at a glance:

3D viewer

CAD design display, commenting, zooming, selecting, cropping, part properties

Own views

Overviews with self-selected parameters


Component QR code scanning


Text messages also with images and documents


Overviews of cutting, edge info, part info, part dimensions, surfaces, CNC info and purchased parts; reference to 3D viewer, quick filter, inspection marker


Documents and comments of an order; order-, part- or article-related displays

iX Scout Highlights

This is what a paperless job looks like: Imported from iX Organizer, all jobs with design data and manufacturing information are displayed on the tablet. The 3D view shows a comprehensive representation of the CAD design with many options. Thanks to the chat and dialog function, job information can be easily exchanged.


Sell customized dream furniture online - within 30 days. The myDesign online store system makes it easy!

Individual furniture configuration for customers

Interested parties and customers have the possibility to study their assortment comfortably at home on computer, tablet or smartphone, to individualize it according to their own ideas and to experience their dream furniture photo-realistically with all functions. Just one click - and the order is sent.

Quickly ready for use thanks to comprehensive catalog system

The included modular system offers a rule-tested catalog assortment for carcass furniture (living / kitchen / office), where materials, colors as well as fittings can be individually specified. Of course, own designs and sales items can be added without any problems.

Online store for everyone

myDesign can be integrated easily and without computer knowledge as a modern store system into the existing website or used with your own company logo as a planning, presentation and sales tool.

myDesign Highlights

Individual and yet simple: online sales with myDesign. Customers search for their desired furniture from the preconfigured catalog, individualize it as they wish, and order it directly.

More connected, faster, more convenient, safer. These are the goals we are implementing with iX 2021.

The imos iX product range


Desktop planning solution for the professional sale of furnishings

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imos NET Studio Artikelübersicht Rendering Küche

NET Studio

Online presentation and ordering system for furniture and room planning

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myShop Responsive Design auf Tablet


Online store solution with product configurator for marketing furniture to end customers

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Ready-made online store solution for easy start into eBusiness

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imos NET Portal auf einem Tablet

NET Portal

Online solution for the sale of individual cuttings and carcass furniture

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Tool for design and 3D data modeling

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iX Organizer

Tool for order overview and order management

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Monitore mit iFurn Composer 2021

Supplier data

Digital product data from the iFurn cloud service

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Tool for automated CNC programming

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iX Scout 3D Viewer auf Tablet in Werkstatt

iX Scout

Cloud service for order management and communication

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iX Connect Grafik vom Bildschirm bis zur Maschine

iX Connect

Interface for networking with external cloud services

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Integration Server

Tool for the automation of order processes

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