imos product milestones

Today, imos AG is one of the market leaders worldwide with the functional spectrum of its software offering.

Deep insights into worldwide market and industry developments ensure the high degree of innovation of imos technologies. Thanks to an international presence and close exchange with customers and partners, promising developments are identified at an early stage and made available throughout the industry.

Milestones in the product development of imos


imos AG is founded in 1993 by Professor Dr.-Ing. Frank Prekwinkel as a spin-off of his scientific activities at the TU-Braunschweig. The aim is to establish the world's first object-oriented CAD/CAM technology in the furniture industry.

imos NET

With imos NET, the company is responding to the trend towards Internet commerce. The web-based presentation and ordering system allows future-oriented applications in eBusiness and thus expands the functional scope of imos technology in the direction of trade and sales.


With Winfried Dell joining the management board, the internationalization and worldwide marketing of imos technologies is accelerated. The company thus gains deep insights into the global market activities of the furniture industry.

Foundation of iFurn

The cloud service iFurn acts as a link between the supplier industry and design engineers. iFurn prepares the data of complete product ranges in such a way that they completely map the information requirements of the entire workflow - from sales to design to manufacturing.

iX as a product series

With a view to networking processes, imos markets the technology for sales and the manufacture of furniture under the name iX. System architecture and GUI (Graphical User Interface) have been completely revised.

iX Interio

iX Interio is the world's first ecosystem for the furniture industry. The imos modules are configured individually for each company size and the strategic orientation of the company.

Connectivity and cloud services

With the iX 2021 version, imos relies on modern cloud technology. The integration of services from other providers (machine manufacturers / suppliers) expands the functional scope of imos products. At the same time, own services are presented for sales, planning and the complete project handling.

imos iX in education and research

A testimony to the confidence in the competence, practical orientation and future viability of imos technology. 

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