imos for suppliers

Convenience and security: fully exploiting the potential of end-to-end digital data.

The supplier industry is increasingly challenged to meet the demand for digital data. These should fully meet the information demands of their customers' workflow, i.e. from sales data to design specifics to the exact drilling pattern for production.

Topfscharnier mit digitalem Zwilling

The iFurn cloud service takes over the digital preparation of product data for drawer, hinge and flap fittings, handles, panels and other materials from suppliers and guarantees 100 percent completeness for every step of the process. This service is fully integrated in iX CAD/CAM. It enables the selection of suitable fasteners, optionally with the necessary accessories, and the positioning of fittings according to parametric rules, including collision checking.

Waschtisch mit ausgezogenen Schubladen und Hettich-Scharniere

In the context of connection optimization - i.e. the independent search for component-optimized fittings - the system recognizes recurring installation situations and suggests suitable fitting solutions. Machining operations such as holes, grooves, etc. can be inherited by neighboring components. Drawings, parts list information and CNC programs are generated and updated automatically. This ensures maximum security and accuracy of fit for the complete order processing.