Digital supplier data with the cloud service iFurn

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iFurn is a cloud service that processes the original product data from suppliers and makes it available to designers as digital data for their designs. They access the digital product data directly from iX CAD and find the right fittings in no time at all - including accessories and in 3D. They simply download the data and insert it directly into their design.

The digital furniture parts are supplemented with the fitting's assembly information so that the required grooves and drill holes can be created. The fittings list can then be placed directly with the supplier as an order.

Highlights at a glance

  • Data always available and always up-to-date
  • Direct integration of all data incl. visualization and machining information directly into the design process
  • Cost-saving extension of your own data set
  • Updates of master data can be imported quickly and easily
  • Uniform and qualified data throughout from sales to production
  • Available inventory of almost 50,000 fittings and connectors (as of 9/2021)

Application areas and functions of digital supplier data

With the fitting selection iFurn Composer, designers find fittings for a specific design situation, incl. accessories. They describe the design situation online in the browser. First, an area of the furniture is segmented and defined in more detail by specifying height, width and depth. For these basic dimensions, iFurn offers fittings, drawers, etc. for selection. The iFurn Composer processes the selection and outputs a combination of the articles with all information including processing data as a result.

During the download, all necessary data is also output: Commercial data such as parts and order lists, technical data for correct installation, drawings for display and renderings as well as accessories and sets for combinatorics. The iFurn Composer supports every detailed planning and solves even complex constructions.

The iFurn Catalog is a wizard that can be used to conveniently filter, sort and list the supplier data you are looking for. The call is made from iX CAD. All digital products available online can be accessed - even in different languages.

Functions & data output: full text search, hierarchical category tree, watch list, download of the manufacturer catalog, specification and search in a category, saving of single fittings

Articles and configurations can be saved in a watch list in order to access them again at any time.

All requested CAD models can be found clearly collected in the download area.

You receive all important design data and material information for an economical realization from the system, including drilling patterns and production lists.

The data contains all essential design features and details required for production and assembly.

Detailed cutting and parts lists can be output from the iFurn data.

The stored surface information enables realistic representations of the furniture.

The data model for furniture fittings contains the kinematic information. This means that the furniture parts (doors, flaps, drawers, etc.) that are structurally connected to the hardware can be animated realistically in the design and planning programs used.

Thanks to the cloud, the product data is not only available at all times, it is also always up to date: as soon as updates are available from the supplier, the data receives an update. Designers thus always have access to the latest product data including edits, logics and functions.

Special facts about digital supplier data


Features, accessories and product dependencies also depict complex product interrelationships. Attached images and videos show design and function.


Materials and textures are rendered almost realistically and are suitable as a basis for creating photorealistic images.


Thanks to the parametric data, design changes or dimensional changes are no problem. As soon as the new specifications are entered, iFurn determines all dimensions of the scheduled items, updates drilling patterns, generates the appropriate parts list and creates the corresponding CNC data.

iFurn for suppliers

Suppliers offer the best access to their product data via the iFurn Cloud. Learn some highlights in the video!

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