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NET Studio - Planning and order smartly managed

The online presentation and ordering system for furniture and room planning

NET Studio is a professional presentation and ordering system especially for providers of B2B solutions, where the focus is on the creation and management of orders. The call is platform-independent via the browser.

Highlights at a glance

  • Internet-based presentation and ordering system for furniture and room planning
  • Browser-based scene and room planning
  • Catalog and product management
  • 3D article preview in product configuration
  • Graphical configuration of furniture using components via drag & drop
  • Direct connection to imos CAD/CAM

Application areas and functions of NET Studio

NET Studio is the online store solution for the B2B area, which is used as an ordering system and for generating offers.

NET Studio has a user administration and a rights system for storing and processing individual user data. Besides a catalog administration, different currencies, languages and an editable shopping cart function are available.

Via the included coordination and administration center, an administrator monitors the master and process data.

This is how a typical workflow in NET Studio works:

  1. Platform-independent call of the store system in the browser
  2. Login - possible with different user roles and catalogs as well as discounts
  3. Start on individualized start page with news function
  4. Create a new project - the user guidance is quite intuitive
  5. Optional: Start room planner - as a supplement to plan entire scenes*.
  6. Define room (e.g. dimensions and architecture) - step-by-step definition*
  7. Call up catalog
  8. Use configurators
  9. Transfer products to project list
  10. Transferring products to the room*
  11. Insert decoration in room planning and prepare presentation*
  12. Customize project info and billing
  13. Create outputs (PDF invoice, etc.)
  14. Execute order
  15. Order dialog with e-mail notification*
  16. iX CAD/CAM connection
  17. Automated import of orders and subsequent generation of production data*.

* These steps are only taken if the optional Room Planner is used.

The customizable and rule-driven user guidance is the core of the iX NET solutions. With just a few mouse clicks, customers put together furniture and furnishings individually. Two different approaches are supported:

  1. The NET configurator is a graphical online furniture configurator based on iX CAD data, where the customer selects a piece of furniture from a fixed defined catalog:
    1. Properties such as dimensions, front and color, etc. are fully determined
    2. Depending on these characteristics, prices, product descriptions and item images are generated and displayed
    3. Selection or direct input of characteristics via selection menus, pictograms or prompt boxes controlled by XML logics
    4. 3D visualization of the configured furniture in real time
    5. Sales price generation through material surcharge calculation
  2. NET designer is a graphical carcase configurator for modular assembly of articles independent of iX CAD data and allows further degrees of freedom in configuration, e. g.:
    1. Adjustments to the 3D model of the article
    2. Assembly of the main article by drag&drop
    3. Deposit of rule sets for error prevention during configuration
    4. Generation of article texts for the shopping cart

The 3D Room Planner is a modern tool for interior planning and presentation at the point of sale. Users create a room with doors and windows before selecting furniture as well as furnishings with just a few operations and impressively setting them in scene. Wall recognition and intelligent snap points help them freely position furniture in the three-dimensional room, through which they can also move virtually. A reporting function is also available.

The NET Panel configurator is used to quickly and easily record individual parts in tabular form. Possibilities and structure of the table can be defined via an XML file.

  • Tabular recording and configuration of articles
  • Can also be used as part of an article configuration

NET configurator offers a 3D model that immediately visualizes all changes to the configuration and clearly documents the configuration result. In contrast, with NET designer the desired furniture is graphically assembled interactively from individual components using drag&drop. The price and the visualization are updated immediately after each change. This approach has been specially developed for modular furniture systems, built-in cabinets or highly flexible cabinet walls.

The approach of using the furniture libraries previously designed with imos CAD for the sales catalogs is unique. The advantages are obvious: users use their 3D design data, including all parametrics, directly for sales planning and quotation generation. New articles and catalogs go online without further delay. The time-to-market factor is minimized and orders are already production-checked when they are received. Consistency and security in the process as well as in the data enable significant savings potential.

The quotations and sales plans created are imported directly into imos CAD, where they are automatically converted into production documents, parts lists and NC programs - manual order entry and processing are no longer necessary.

Special facts about NET Studio

  • Individual adaptation of the data system according to your own wishes
  • Existing imos database is integrated into the processes
  • Individualized store interface according to own wishes or corporate design possible
  • Order processing through imos NET infrastructure, integration server, customer ERP etc.

NET Studio 2021 Highlights

Tailor-made for B2B sales: impressive planning with all the details is made possible by the new room planner - and it's both quick and easy.

Even more features for NET Studio

NET Studio can do even more - the range of functions can be easily extended with these optional add-ons:

my Offer

Creation of customer offers

my GUI

Customization of the user interface (excluding project and integration costs)

NET calculation

Advanced calculation of products depending on the selected configuration

NET language

Additional languages (max. 3 different languages)

NET currency

Additional currencies (max. 2 different currencies)

NET catalog

Activation of an additional catalog

NET statistics

Module for statistical evaluation of shopping carts and users

Expand your possibilities in the production process! These imos iX products are a useful addition to NET Studio and make your processes even more efficient.


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