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Paperless manufacturing with the digital order assistant iX Scout

Easily share order and design information in the cloud solution

iX Scout is a cloud service that facilitates communication and processes in order processing: Like a digital assistant, iX Scout clearly displays all design data and manufacturing information for an order online in the browser. The special feature: Printed documents become superfluous, communication and information exchange between departments much easier.

iX Scout not only structures and accelerates the exchange of information, but also provides each employee with exactly the information he needs for his work step at any time. Orders can thus be processed more efficiently and securely.

iX Scout highlights


  • Company-wide order or order detail-based communication
  • Direct communication about order details via chat function
  • Transparent communication between users


  • Dynamic provision by re-uploading the data
  • Can always be kept up to date, as no printed paper has to be exchanged
  • Available at any time and can be accessed from anywhere

Application areas and functions of iX Scout

3D view

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Custom views

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Order preparation

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iX Scout 3D Viewer auf Tablet in Werkstatt


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iX Scout at a glance

  • Order and production documents available online
  • Web application with call-up via browser
  • Flexible application on mobile devices (tablets) or stationary computers
  • Access possible from anywhere
  • Transparent communication and simple data and information exchange between production planning, workshop and assembly
  • Visual support through detailed 3D model
  • Clear and easy to use, simple navigation with search fields and scanning options on all levels
  • Scalable number of users and storage space
  • No installation required