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Impressive presentations can be a strategic sales tool.

The home has always been an expression of one's own personality, as such Individualization often counts more for consumers than current design trends.  It is not only the individual piece of furniture that plays a role - but rather the staging of the furniture in the room.

Lowboard und Regal einer Wohnwand in mattgrau mit einem schwarzen Fernseher.
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With the 3D room planner built into the iX NET offers a modern tool for furnishing, planning, and visualising your space at home. Complex room layouts and architectural details such as windows, doors, stairs, and much more can be recreated realistically.  Users can select from an assortment of customisable products and can freely position it in their own three-dimensional room whilst individually adapting and customising it to their own requirements.  Instant quotations with an accurate price calculation are also generated at the time of creation providing instant feedback to the user’s design changes.  Centralised production data hosted online for end users to customise allows for incredibly short lead times from order to manufacture and delivery.


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Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.

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De Keyzer BVBA

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