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From order entry to production at the push of a button.

To cover production peaks, more and more manufacturing companies are using the services of assemblers, production service providers and component supplier.

Lagerhalle mit Gabelstapler, welcher Platten geladen hat

With the online sales tool NET Portal, customers of a component supplier can configure the stored assortment with dimensions and material thicknesses, functions and the desired layout in just a few steps. By integrating supplier data, it is possible to select manufacturer-specific surfaces, colors and decors as well as the use of certain fittings and connectors. The connection to ERP systems allows real-time price information.

The complete order entry is done directly by the customer, who triggers the production process himself with his order. Once iX CAD and iX CAM are in use, there is no need for manual intervention. Production is completely automated, guaranteeing high efficiency, optimum quality and short delivery times.

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Sales, design, machine control - with imos everything from a single source.

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