imos solutions for design & order

Flexibility - safety - scalability: The customer's wish in the focus of the designer.

Whether complex furniture pieces, planning of complete furnishings in architectural environments, or variable product range - our CAD technology is the perfect tool for sophisticated design, calculation and quotation. Individually configurable for different business models in industry and trade, our CAD technology is scalable to adapt to business development.

The imos system core - intelligent components make the difference.

Our database technology is based on the object-oriented approach. Components such as sides, floors and doors, or entire assemblies are in a direct constructive relationship with each other. Variable in dimension and material composition, all properties that affect the design process are already defined. Material, surface, edges and drilling pattern, as well as fitting and connection situations, are automatically taken into account.


  • Parametric and free design in 3D
  • Interactive user interface
  • Industry-specific design wizards
  • Company-specific fitting and connection situations
  • Integration of original data from the supplier industry
  • Intelligent fitting selection and positioning including collision check
  • Automatic generation of long parts
  • Photorealism / coupling to virtual reality
  • Dimensioned drawings and sections, exploded views, presentation drawings
  • Cutting and parts lists
  • Generation of all process data for order processing and production
  • SQL database
  • CAD cloud service including scalable license model

The imos iX products for design & order


Tool for design and 3D data modeling

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iX Organizer

Tool for order overview and order management

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Monitore mit iFurn Composer 2021

Supplier data

Digital product data from the iFurn cloud service

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