iX CAD - the tool for design and 3D data modeling

For the simple design of complex furniture and interior fittings.

Users enjoy full flexibility and a wide range of options in furniture design: From standardized catalog furniture to individual object furniture, they realize all ideas with iX CAD. Individual pieces of furniture or entire room situations can be designed and impressively presented in the shortest possible time.

iX CAD covers all process steps from planning and design to drawing output and production. The integrated data model typical of imos iX offers the greatest possible security, even when changing and updating data.

Highlights of iX CAD

Design Assistants

  • The Designer article is ideal for variable-size constructions. This module covers the requirements in cabinet and object construction when similar furniture with different dimensions or front divisions is required. The Article Designer accesses parametric components.

  • In the Object Designer, components are generated via 2D top-view and side-view drawings. The 2D geometry data can be created using simple functions such as polyline. Finally, iX CAD automatically generates the complete counter element with all details in 3D from the various 2D views. By changing the 2D drawing elements, the 3D model can be adjusted with a mouse click.

  • In Part Designer, individual parts are freely assembled in 3D on the screen. The procedure is similar to the final assembly of a piece of furniture. Each element is assigned snap and identification points. This allows components, edges, connectors, machining etc. to be adapted interactively on the screen. Profiles, materials and fittings are not assigned until the design has been finalized.

Production documents

  • Cutting lists: Sorting by designation and material, same raw dimensions, same CNC machining program, etc.

  • Production lists: Output of materials, surfaces and edges with all dimensions as well as the edge pattern for all components of an order.

  • Purchased parts: Output of all purchased parts used in the order as well as calculation of prices

  • Profiles and edges: Output of all edges and profiles with dimensions and summary of identical elements

  • Coverings and surfaces: Output of all veneers and foils with dimensions and summary of equal elements

  • Labels: Output including graphics as well as the CNC program number belonging to the part.

  • Structured bill of material: Creation of a structured list with assignment of individual components to article and item groups

  • Automatically generated graphics facilitate the readability of the parts lists
    Support of common barcodes and QR codes

Photorealism as a decision-making aid

  • Realistic representation and assignment of materials for surfaces, colors, veneers and profiles

  • Setting of different light sources such as sunlight, spotlight, etc.

  • Shadow and mirror calculation

  • Numerous additional special effects such as freehand lines or comic style

  • Renderings of the furniture or room situation give the customer a clear picture even in the planning phase

  • Transfer of data via a special interface to common VR/render and animation programs is possible

Article library

  • iX CAD has article libraries, i.e. a central administration of all library elements such as standard and special articles etc.
  • The structure is freely definable, the contents can be easily built up and extended
  • In the article selection, individual furniture types including permissible design variants can be compiled in a catalog and configured via a convenient selection interface

Application areas and functions of iX CAD

Precise 3D room planning

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Precisely fitting long parts

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Customizable visualization levels

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Flexible quotation

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Intelligent change functions

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Automated drawing output

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Modern parts lists

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System connection

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VR Link

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Enlivening animation

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Barcodes and QR codes

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Integrated supplier data

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Even more functions for iX CAD

iX CAD can do even more - the range of functions can be easily extended with these optional add-ons:


Exports CAD plans to the common 3D output formats GLTF/GLB and WRL and enables the connection of VR/render systems such as Twinmotion or Sketchfab.

BIM IFC export

The IFC file format enables standardized data exchange of building models. For example, building data from different trades can be collected centrally from an architect and further processed and analyzed with the help of BIM software. The BIM IFC export in iX CAD exports designs in IFC format according to the BIM Standard 2.0.

iX CAD at a glance

  • Intelligent assistants and tools support furniture design
  • Long parts such as worktops, plinths, cornices and light strips can be created easily
  • Intelligent system for automated finding and setting of connectors, including the required machining operations
  • Current connector data from well-known manufacturers is available and can be used directly
  • Quick implementation of design changes is possible at any time, dependent data is continuously updated
  • Sales planning incl. photo-realistic display and generation of sales and release documents
  • Manual and automated drawing output functions for view, floor plan, section, exploded view and single part drawings
  • Powerful variable system for quickly changing part configurations within a plan or an entire project
  • Presentation of the planning with interesting renderings and item animation
  • Modern reporting system for the output of quotations, parts lists for ordering, work preparation, manufacturing and production
  • Support of common barcode and QR code types
  • Control over master data (incl. user rights system)
  • Real-time price calculation: use of various calculation principles or online queries in ERP

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