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Handling large commercial projects accurately, efficiently and transparently.

Whether it's a hospital, a retirement home, or a hotel – with ‘Contract furniture manufacturers’ it's all about speed.  Starting with the quotation process and submission of their offer, through to production and the final installation at the building, it is always important to meet delivery deadlines, stay within the estimated budget and to manage project design changes and revisions quickly, accurately and most importantly to the customers satisfaction.

Hotelzimmer mit dunklen Holzmöbeln, Backsteinwand und großer Fensterfront

For these reasons, iX CAD offers multiple features such as "Render Scene", which provides fast photorealistic representations of selected workstations and individual pieces of furniture. The "Project Design Management" feature allows the scope of the design to be changed quickly across multiple areas within the project. It is the central point within imos that controls materials, fittings and / or designs for an entire project.  Making it quick and easy to implement last minute revisions to design proposals or production data alike.

Hotelrestaurant mit dunklem Holzboden, schwarzen Stühlen und Holz-Elementen

The planning process within iX CAD means the 3D model can be used to visualise all aspects of the design, pulling together various components, hardware, and parts to create a wholistic approach to designing commercial interiors.  From the imos iX CAD model, parametric data is already production ready and can be processed into 2D submittal drawings, 3D photorealistic renderings, cutting and purchasing lists and CNC files and much more.  Having all the data at your fingertips from the start of the design process makes it quick and easy to manage design changes and scheduling production processes, even with external suppliers and systems as the data imos iX produces can be shared between business systems such as ERP and MES software’s.


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