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Handling large projects safely and efficiently - economically and transparently.

Whether it's a hospital, a retirement home or a hotel - for contract furnishers it's all about speed! Starting with the calculation and submission of the offer, through production to installation in the building, it is always important to meet delivery deadlines as well as the estimated budget.

Hotelzimmer mit dunklen Holzmöbeln, Backsteinwand und großer Fensterfront

For this purpose, iX CAD offers features such as "Render Scene", which provides photorealistic representations of selected workstations and individual pieces of furniture. The "Project Design Management" allows the design to be changed. Here, material, fittings and / or designs for the entire project or parts of it can be adjusted at a central point. Detailed information of material requirements and processing times are already generated in the planning phase.

Hotelrestaurant mit dunklem Holzboden, schwarzen Stühlen und Holz-Elementen

The planning can be transferred from 2D to 3D at any time. In the process, the articles are generated and visualized with all components, connectors and machining information. This means that all process data such as parts lists and NC programs are available at the same time. Depending on delivery agreements, the overall order can be structured according to building units. The planning documents can easily be used in a production network, for example in cooperation with parts manufacturers.


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