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For a successful professional future in the furniture industry.

Whether schools, educational institutions, chambers of crafts or universities - those who train the next generation for the wood and furniture industry today place a special focus on the topic of digitization. Because this is the present and the future in the practical professional lives of wood engineers, technicians and carpenters.

Auszubildende der Holztechnik arbeitet an einer Stichsäge.

imos provides educational institutions with software packages that are adapted for use in teaching and learning environments, and that map the common workflows of a professional woodworking company.  In addition to designing in the iX CAD system, the administration and organisation of projects through the continuously digitized production processes also play a role in preparing students for a career after education, including interfaces to ERP systems and CAM machine connections. Teachers are trained and assisted step by step through the implementation of the imos software.

Technician piece FH Melle

Sideboard "4-Fach" by Leonie Lüdtke (FH-Melle)

The sideboard "4-Fach" by Leonie Lüdtke from the FH Melle is a good example of a successful project with imos.

The project "Home and Office" was about designing a piece of furniture on which you can work at home, but when it is not used for this purpose, it should make the living space more homely. In addition to the "Office" function, a living function should be realized.

Rendering eines Sideboards aus dem Projekt der FH Melle
Handwerk Arbeiter an Plattenaufteilsäge

Semester project 2021

Discover more examples from the semester project "Home and Office" from the Fachschule Holztechnik Melle.

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