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Interior design for ships / yachts, mobile homes and other special facilities such as laboratories place unique demands on the design team to create individual components in order to meet the unusual environments these projects can occupy, as well as the special requirements and design considerations.

Spezialanfertigung einer Barkeeperschule von der Tischlerei Hüser Michels
© Tischlerei Hüser Michels GmbH / Friedrich Schwarze GmbH & Co. KG

For this purpose, iX CAD provides the possibility to assemble bespoke components on screen in a 3D parametric software.  The design process covers all aspects from planning through to detail design. Starting with component parts and molds, profiles and edging, materials and laminates, and all the necessary fittings to create your bespoke designs .

As a result, a 3D digital prototype is created before manufacturing is even started. Designs and the overall construction can be checked directly on the screen. This avoids time-consuming prototyping or even errors in the execution of the individual or special design.

Spezialanfertigung Sattelkammer von SeBo Interior in dunklem Holz

Custom-made products from SeBo Interior & Equipage.

Custom interiors - for your own living space and exclusive tack rooms.

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