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Minimize effort - maximize efficiency: Mass volume and class performance in large projects.

In large projects with open spaces, office furniture manufacturers are often required to plan catalog-based products for hundreds of workstations, creating floor plans and visualizations to present the overall design as well as individual design details for one of products and environments.

Rendering eines Büros mit Schreibtisch, Stuhl und Regalen
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For these reasons, iX CAD offers multiple features such as "Render Scene", which provides fast photorealistic representations of selected workstations and individual pieces of furniture.  The "Project Design Management" feature allows the scope of the design to be changed quickly across multiple areas within the project. It is the central point within imos that controls materials, fittings and / or designs for an entire project.  Making it quick and easy to implement last minute revisions to design proposals or production data alike.


Arbeitsplatz mit integrierten Bildschirmen, die sich unter der Tischplatte hervorholen lassen.
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The planning can be transferred from 2D to 3D at any time. In the process, the articles are generated and visualized with all components, connectors and machining information. This means that all process data such as parts lists and NC programs are available at the same time.


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