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Quality is the trump card in interior design. Demanding clients and architects require not only high-quality manufactured furniture, but also sophisticated solutions even for complicated installation situations. Interior fitters who are masters of both are in demand on a supra-regional / international scale. However, such business relationships over long distances and often across national borders pose special challenges.

Studio mit grauen und grünen Stühlen und einem grauen Sofa

iX CAD is an effective planning tool that allows the design to be adapted to the real room situation. Dimensional corrections are possible at any time at the push of a button. Planning documents can be exchanged and coordinated digitally with the customer without any problems. Manufacturing with iX CAM takes data generation into account, even for complex, technically demanding machines.

To ensure that assemblers on site can clearly identify and safely assemble hundreds of individual parts, iX CAD provides a function for automatic drawing output. Exploded views, parts lists and individual drawings can thus be generated for assembly at the push of a button.

iX Scout 3D Viewer auf Tablet in Werkstatt

The new cloud service iX Scout (available internationally from 2022) is even more convenient. At its heart is a 3D viewer that displays the design created with imos iX CAD on mobile devices (tablet). By scanning the QR code, a component is highlighted in color in the 3D viewer. It is clear at a glance which components belong to a carcase and how they have to be assembled.

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