The iX PLAN sales solution

To make the sale a success

With iX PLAN, imos offers a desktop planning solution for the professional sale of furnishings, with which planning can be created quickly, easily and securely. While planning and configuration are uncomplicated for the salesperson, spectacular presentations of the sales planning inspire the end customers. The visualization benefits from animated article fronts and the presentation in virtual reality, among other things.

Highlights at a glance

  • Range of functions adaptable to the tasks of the salesperson
  • Own, individual data creation possible
  • Integrated data model
  • Real-time price calculation
  • Planning presentation with impressive renderings and article animations
  • Paperless order data transfer
  • Transparency in the order process thanks to order status and history

Application areas and functions of iX PLAN

For the detailed planning of room situations and the clear presentation of the planning, the room planning enables a quick and safe transfer of the structural measurement into the planning system. If it is necessary to adjust the room planning, e.g. after a detailed measurement, numerous functions can be called up.

If an architect's drawing or a digital measurement is available, these can be used (depending on the data format) to create the room.

Installation objects such as connections for water, gas and electricity are also provided by iX PLAN and can be planned with dimensional accuracy.

In iX PLAN, articles usually have a large number of variants and are based on a catalog with a defined product logic. To ensure that the configuration of the articles can be carried out easily and securely by the salesperson, both the interface of the configurator and the product logic of the respective catalog are stored in the iX PLAN master data. Master data and product logic are maintained and distributed by the data administrator.

The furnishing planning is usually done in the 3D view. However, planning can also be done in plan view or elevation. The salesperson creates a basic configuration for the respective planning, e.g. with the front types and materials to be used, which apply as a default for all articles of this planning. Of course, this configuration can be modified for each article within the framework of the stored product logic. The articles to be planned can be positioned quickly and securely. Numerous practical functions are available for particularly complex positioning.

Long parts such as worktops, plinth, light and cornice moldings can be generated based on the room situation and the scheduled items.

With the new wizards for drawing output, the salesperson can quickly and reliably generate and output the desired drawings, including coloring, dimensioning, labeling and individual additions. These include floor plans and elevations but also worktop and installation plans.

The display of the details of plans and articles can be changed by the salesperson in various adjustable levels. In particular, the selected materials, shapes and edge profiles can be realistically displayed during the planning stage of the sale. Decorative items such as lights, plants, sanitary objects, appliances, etc. are available for the vivid presentation of the planning.

In addition to various options for photorealistic output (renderings), virtual reality can also be used in direct dialog with the customer as early as the design phase. This allows furniture planning to be experienced virtually and shared with friends - together in the showroom or at home.

Based on the planning, a quotation is created. The item prices can be calculated in different ways or queried via interfaces, e.g. in the ERP or in a price database. If necessary, prices can be changed in the order manager. Discounts can be granted based on stored rules or by a manual entry.

The ordering of the sold furniture planning in the factory is done paperless via the online service Plan Link. With just one click, the salesperson exports the entire planning and transmits it online to the manufacturer. No additional paper or email transmission is required. Plan Link works independently of 3rd party systems or platforms.

By using order status and order history, you always know in which phase a planning is and who is working on the planning. Furthermore, the responsible salesperson can be changed in order to be able to react quickly and easily to absences due to illness or vacation, for example. iX PLAN users as well as managers can filter planning by order status, salesperson and location, thus providing the basis for decisions on how to proceed in the order process.

Special facts about iX PLAN

Multi-user functionalities with visibility control

Several departments of a company use the same database. Their employees only see the orders of their own department.

Always up to date

The continuous development of iX PLAN enables the timely use of current Windows, SQL Server and AutoCAD versions

Extensive language package

iX Plan is available in more than 30 languages, making it suitable for worldwide sales

Against data misuse

Encryption of catalog data and product logic

Secured with digital twin

The digital twin of the desired article or furnishing is already created during the sales process - this enables, for example, immediate checking for technical feasibility during the sales process. Other applications such as animations, VR or the automatically correct fitting are also made feasible by the properties of the digital twin.

Product logic and process reliability

The maximum comfort and process reliability for the sellers themselves is defined with the creation of the catalog data

iX PLAN 2021 Highlights

iX PLAN includes even more functions such as individual dimensioning and commenting. Thanks to optimized item positioning and simple planning, even complex situations can be easily planned.

Even more functions for iX PLAN

iX PLAN can do even more - the range of functions can be easily extended with these optional add-ons:


Interface for exporting iX PLAN planning to various output formats and for use in VR/rendering tools

PLAN Link Master

  • Online master data transfer from central master data maintenance to sales and order processing systems

  • Independent of 3rd party systems or platforms

  • Date-controlled folder structure for imported orders

PLAN Link Client

  • Online order data transfer from sales systems to order processing systems.
  • Independent of 3rd party systems or platforms

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