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Unique fabrications with imos iX

SeBo® Interior & Equipage is a unique company with two specialties that complement and inspire each other: Interior Designs produces exclusive furniture, while Equipage specializes in functional and comfortable use for horse lovers. To name just a few from the wide range of designs, examples include tack rooms, tack lockers and matching accessories.

SeBo® Interior & Equipage
Main location
Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Company size
10-50 employees
Main focus
  • Interior design
  • Saddle chambers

The driving force behind the company is founder and owner René Blom. The man behind making the perfect product out of wood with all its nuances, types and characteristics. No order is too big or too small. SeBo® Interior & Equipage does not compromise on quality and perfection: "That's why we take each piece of furniture, fully assemble it in our factory, check all the boxes and make sure it's 100% correct. And only then it is shipped to the customer."

© SeBo® Interior & Equipage
© SeBo® Interior & Equipage

René Blom has been working in interior design for thirty years. When the hobby of horseback riding came up, he had the idea to combine the two - thus the tack room as envisioned by SeBo® Interior & Equipage was born. "The way we envision exclusive and distinctive interiors is also the way we perceive our clients: Individual with personality."

As soon as a customer contacts SeBo® Interior & Equipage, an appointment is made to assess the situation: "By talking to the customers, we find out how they work and what specific wishes they have. Once we have a clear picture of this, we turn it into a three-dimensional drawing using imos to visualize the client's wishes. Using these drawings allows the client to adjust the concept depending on budget or additional requests. Using these drawings allows the client to adjust the concept depending on budget or additional requests. "

Using imos iX makes it easy for SeBo® Interior & Equipage to make these adjustments and visualize them again for the client. At the moment, we are using imos iX mainly for three-dimensional renderings, but in the near future we will be using imos iX to its full potential. This means that we will be able to extract price calculations and machine programs much more easily than with the standard process.


© SeBo® Interior & Equipage
© SeBo® Interior & Equipage
© SeBo® Interior & Equipage

To realize the designs, SeBo® Interior & Equipage has a machine park suitable for the quality they want to deliver. It includes a CNC machining center and a CNC panel saw along with other manually controlled machines. These machines and imos ensure that SeBo® Interior & Equipage can deliver customized quality products to its customers.

Of course, machines can't do all the work, and that's why SeBo® Interior & Equipage employs a group of more than twenty people, each with their own expertise, from design and order preparation to production and assembly.

imos iX products in use at SeBo® Interior & Equipage

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