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Indian craftsmanship with imos

Hi iN Concepts designs and manufactures modular furniture, specializing in kitchens and closets. The offshoot of Hitha Design Science Pvt. Ltd, a leading design company providing services to renowned architects and builders, also started out providing design and architectural services. For several years, Hi iN has been manufacturing custom furniture itself.

Hi iN Concepts
Main location
Hyderabad, India
Company size
50-100 employees
Main focus
  • Kitchens
  • Cabinets
  • Online planning

After carefully studying about five solutions, I found that imos is very smart at its core and best suited for any type of custom furniture design and production. In addition, the imos solution is very well suited to expand the furniture business.

Valluri Srinivas

In furniture production, Hi iN puts a lot of emphasis on comfort, style and quality – at a reasonable price. Manufacturing takes place in a state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad.

Kitchens and cabinets are designed by architects and customized to meet individual customer preferences. Each Hi iN kitchen and wardrobe is a successful blend of innovation and master craftsmanship.

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imos iX products in use at Hi iN Concepts


Tool for automated CNC programming

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Tool for design and 3D data modeling

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iX Organizer

Tool for order overview and order management

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Monitore mit iFurn Composer 2021

Supplier data

Digital product data from the iFurn cloud service

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