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Young professionals at imos

From the classroom directly to imos – via an internship, with your thesis or as a student assistant. How was the entry into the working world at imos? Our youngsters report and introduce themselves!

Benjamin | Project Manager IT

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  • 27 years old 
  • studies Master of Science Business Informatics
  • since 2021 at imos

How did you become aware of imos?
A research project in collaboration with my university gave me the opportunity to get to know imos. I then evaluated AI methods for this research project as part of my master's thesis.        

What are the advantages of your studies?
In addition to a lot of methodical and technical knowledge, the study of business informatics teaches you to understand the information technology side as well as the business side of IT projects in a corporate context. The fact that I was able to carry out and manage many projects during my studies made it easy for me to get started in practice.

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
Among other things, I support various software system implementations as an IT project manager. I collect requirements for the systems, analyze the business processes at imos, compare different solutions, and finally present a recommendation to the management. For the introduction, the systems are then adapted to the requirements of imos and the employees are trained.

What are your goals / where would you like to develop?
For me, research into innovative solutions is very interesting. Therefore, I am looking forward to further exciting projects with imos in the future.

Birger | Supervisor for project customers

  • 35 years old
  • Apprenticeship as carpenter
  • Bachelor studies in wood technology
  • Internship, work as a student trainee and final thesis at imos
  • since 2014 at imos


Why did you choose this field of study?
I chose to study wood technology out of an interest in industrial processes in wood processing and as a logical successor to my training as a craftsman.

How did you find out about imos?
At my job as an assistant at the university. Here I got to know imos through conversations with colleagues and participation in a project meeting in which imos was also involved.

How did you then get involved?
I decided to do an internship at imos during my studies.

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
I am responsible for project customers from the supplier sector. There is a lot to do here in terms of organization, conception, functional tests, etc.

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Marwan | Developer

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  • 25 years old
  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering / Master of Science in Robotics and Automation for Intelligent Systems
  • since 2022 at imos

How did you come to imos?
My skills from my Master of Science degree in Robotics and Automation for Intelligent Systems matched well with the requirements for the job. Also imos deals with the topic of AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, which is why I was then successfully hired.

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
I started three months ago as a front-end developer for the iX NET product. My area of responsibility is constantly evolving and now also includes the iX Scout product.

What are your goals / where do you want to go?
With the rapid advancements and the world moving towards solving complex problems in innovative ways, my long-term goal is to go deeper into the field of machine learning. This is a subfield of artificial intelligence. By recognizing patterns in existing data sets, IT systems are able to find solutions to problems on their own. My studies and my master's thesis were both focused on exactly that. I hope to apply these skills here at imos and thus support the company's vision for the future.

Michaela | Graduate and student assistant in product management

  • 26 years old
  • Apprenticeship as a carpenter
  • Expected to graduate in 2022 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Wood Technology from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences
  • since 2022 at imos

How did you find out about imos?
I was already familiar with imos through the content of my studies. When I was looking for a position for a bachelor's thesis, I came across an ad on the Internet that thesis work was possible at imos.

How did you get started? 
I started working part-time at imos in January 2022. Of course, I will continue to work on my thesis beyond that time.

What advantages did your studies offer you?
Through my studies, I was able to gain an understanding of woodworking companies that goes beyond my training as a carpenter. In the course of my studies, not only the production itself is dealt with, but also all aspects surrounding it. It starts with marketing, continues with work preparation and ends with complete corporate planning. This overview of all areas of a company is very helpful in understanding the needs of woodworking companies.

What is your thesis topic at imos?
The topic of the bachelor thesis is "Creation of a solution concept for the visualization of production processes in imos iX Scout".

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Senada | Working Student in Marketing

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  • 24 years old
  • Studies Bachelor of Arts German and Media Studies
  • Expected graduation 2022 Master of Science Interdisciplinary Media Studies
  • since 2020 at imos

How did you find out about imos?
I wanted to gain practical experience early on in addition to my studies so that I could put what I had learned into practice and not just learn about it in theory. So I started looking for student jobs and saw that imos was looking to fill a position in marketing.

How did you then get started?
I started working part-time at imos in February 2020. However, we quickly realized that I could also take on my own areas of responsibility, which is why I even got the chance to be there full-time during the semester breaks. This meant that I was integrated into the team in the best possible way.

What are the advantages of a dual study program?
Gaining practical experience during your studies is an advantage in both directions. It allows you to combine what you've learned and, above all, to apply it. I then know what I can use the content from the university for, and the employer also benefits from professionally competent employees.

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
I am the main person responsible for online marketing, social media marketing and support the team in trade fair and event planning.

What are your goals / where do you want to develop?
I am happy that after graduation I will not only have an employer who knows me, but also a team in which I am already integrated. This way I can professionalize myself in a certain direction and tackle exciting projects together with my team. 

Timon | Product manager for interfaces

  • 28 years old
  • Apprenticeship as a journeyman carpenter
  • study of wood engineering
  • since 2020 at imos

How did you get started at imos? 
My wood engineering degree includes an internship semester. I did this at imos in 2019 and was already offered a perspective in the company during the practical semester that went beyond my studies. Following the internship semester, I wrote my bachelor's thesis at imos and was hired permanently when I finished my studies. 

What was the topic of your thesis at imos?
I wrote my thesis on the topic "IT - Communication in the furniture industry".   

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
I work in product management in the area of interfaces. My tasks include being a specialist in my product area and having an overview of it. The further development of the software is also an elementary part of my work and includes conceptualizing as well as leading the implementation. So in my daily work I have contact with programmers, sales people as well as customers.  

What are your goals / where would you like to develop?
To consolidate my position in product management in connection with a good work-life balance.

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Yassin | Project Engineer for Online Sales Solutions

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  • 29 years old 
  • studies Master of Science Production Engineering and Management
  • since 2020 at imos

How did you get started at imos?
During my studies I was looking for an internship and found out that imos offers internships. I did my internship in the manufacturing solutions department, where I worked in a team to design a digital order assistant solution. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to write a master's thesis on the same topic I had worked on during my internship.        

Why did you study the subject?
Since I started my master's degree, I knew I wanted two things: first, to work in Germany and second, to build my career in the software world.

To be honest, I didn't expect to work at imos, but I'm glad I got this chance. Because here I achieve both goals, namely to work in the software world and to work in Germany. And not only in a national company, but in a company that is active worldwide.

What are your current responsibilities at imos?
Technical consulting in the area of online sales solutions, provision of individual solutions, project services, training.

What are your goals / where would you like to develop?
I would like to further develop my leadership skills and look forward to taking on more responsibility in the future and contributing to the success of imos.