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iX CAD in special vehicle manufacturing: "imos means practiced digitization for us."

Furniture manufacturing of a special kind can be experienced at BINZ Automotive GmbH in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Here, the task is to equip vehicles and trailers with highly individualized functional furniture. With 330 employees, BINZ is one of the leading German companies in the manufacturing of special vehicles. Whether ambulance, fire department, police or mobile medical technology: More than 1,500 innovative special vehicles are delivered annually in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

BINZ Automotive GmbH
Main location
Ilmenau, Germany
Company size
250-500 employees
Main focus
  • Special vehicle manufacturing

For the commissioning of our interior production in 2017, we decided to use iX CAD from imos. An important point was the SQL database that we were already using in our software environment. We succeeded in fully integrating imos into our ERP system. This enables us to manage our stock, do a preliminary and final costing and have a complete link to our commercial system.

Ernst Wilhelm Rittinghaus
Member of the Management Board/COO

iX CAD in automotive manufacturing

Extraordinary and individual - every vehicle is a new challenge. With imos, the BINZ team successfully masters the special orders.

The challenges for the designers are manifold: Each customer defines his requirements individually. This also includes specific technology and electronic components that have to be integrated together with cables and connections. And they have to be integrated into different models and bodies of various vehicle manufacturers. From the floor to the sides to the ceiling, BINZ has to deal with unconventional shapes and contours into which the furniture has to be fitted.

Design details in iX CAD

Extraordinary contours are designed with iX CAD

"We need a high level of automation with a high level of individualization at the same time," confirms Christian Zaft, Head of Interior Design at BINZ. "imos offers great advantages here thanks to the data plant. Objects that have been entered once in iX CAD are constructively correct in every case and are implemented correctly again by the system every time. Many mistakes that can be made in the design, due to carelessness or simply ignorance, are thus avoided."

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[Translate to English:] Montagehalle bei BINZ in Ilmenau

Special vehicle with retractable side walls

For us, imos iX means digitazation in practice. Having the design data available digitally offers several major advantages. On the one hand, data can be retrieved again and again, both for follow-up orders and for servicing. In addition, we use it to create a new model. To do this, we take the previous year's model, incorporate customer wishes, new ideas, and new technical possibilities, and thus generate our successor model. In this way, we make our innovation processes very efficient.

Christian Zaft
Head of design interior

imos iX products in use at BINZ Automotive


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