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The digital carpentry Bäumle

Based in Stockach, Baden-Württemberg, the Bäumle carpentry has been relying on digitalization and automation of its work for several years. Production is also digitally supported. The introduction of imos iX was an important cornerstone for this, as master carpenter and owner Harald Bäumle reveals.

Carpentry Bäumle
Main location
Stockach, Germany
Company size
1-10 employees
Main focus
  • Furniture making
  • Interior design
  • Old building renovation
  • Store fitting

imos What were milestones in the history of your carpentry?
Harald Bäumle 2014 the purchase of a 5-axis CNC (BMG 316 Homag), 2016 the introduction of imos iX, 2017 the purchase of Schnitt-Profit with labeling, 2017 the purchase of a Woodwop 7, 2018 the purchase of the 3D measuring system Zoom 3D from Nestle/Geomax, 2019 the cooperation with CAMID and since 2020 the new construction of a production hall with office building in Stockach.
imos What does your customer base look like?
Harald Bäumle We have about 800 customers, most of them within a radius of about 80 km. 40% each are private end users and commercial/business customers, 15% are suppliers and 5% are CNC contract milling work.
imos Are there any particularly important products that you have manufactured?
Harald Bäumle Yes, indeed! These are mainly the store construction for Quickschuh, several bowling alleys and special designs such as sloping roof cabinets.
imos Which imos iX products do you use specifically?
Harald Bäumle We have iX CAD in use and mainly use the calculation module, the process data transfer, the parts list module, the import/export manager and the iX CAM Basic module.
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imos What advantages does this offer you?

Harald Bäumle After purchasing a 5-axis machining center, it quickly became clear that this should not be the last step. Programming and error rates took up too much time. Thanks to imos iX and the machine connection, we have become many times more efficient and the error rates have almost completely disappeared after the introduction.

imos Can you identify any concrete improvements in your day-to-day work or simplifications in the operating process?

Harald Bäumle The introduction of the labels then gave us another clear positive push forward. Since all parts are labeled, we always keep track of everything. All the information that is important for production is noted on the label: Order, project name, plan position, date, material, cutting dimensions, barcode, edge situation, logo, etc. We can also include information about the later installation location or about the installation itself.

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imos Was it even possible to realize a special project only with imos?
Harald Bäumle An important concern for us was the Lamello "Clamex-P". Only after we were assured that the Clamex-P could be controlled automatically did we buy. Initially, we milled the corner joints with the grooved disk and the center wall joints with the finger cutter. However, this was not satisfactory because there were always problems with orientation. Thanks to the introduction of imos iX and the new CAM module, we were able to create new conditions and thus ensure the correct sequence and control. In the meantime, instead of the finger router, which I can only recommend. Elaborate slanted roof cabinets are no longer a challenge for us, we hardly need more time for planning and implementation than for a standard cabinet.
imos How important were the topics of training, service and maintenance in your decision to use imos?
Harald Bäumle That was not an issue for us. As we are used to at CNC, we signed a service contract right from the start. The sales representative Uwe Wüster took excellent care of us. We received the training via the S-CAD company from Mr. Markus Kaiser, who did an excellent job. Not only does he have an incredible amount of knowledge, but he is also very practice-oriented, which was very helpful, especially in the beginning.
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Without imos, we would by far not be where we are today. The road was long and hard, but it was definitely worth it. The digitization of our carpentry business has enabled us to significantly increase sales and throughput. And the trend is strongly upward.

Harald Bäumle

Examples of special designs - even roof slope cabinets can be quickly planned and manufactured with imos.

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