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Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.
Main location
Gifu, Japan
Company size
250-500 employees

A digital wood labo in Japan & Vietnam

imos Where do you use imos products?
Hoso Industry We want to use imos products in Japan and Vietnam.
imos What are the advantages for you?
Hoso Industry imos is a reliable software with just few limitations and capable of manufacturing advanced furniture. After creating the data, various machines finish the processing. It is wonderful to hear about a significant structure like this.
© Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.
© Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.
imos How important were the topics of training, service and maintenance in your decision to use imos?
Hoso Industry Despite the fact that imos was imported to our Japan's company in 2015, we didn’t spend many time on focusing studying it. As a result, we couldn’t use it efficiently. In 2018, we decided to bring imos back to the Vietnam factory. This time, we required three people to study imos for six months, and the result is that now eight people can use imos. However, no matter how deep we try to get it, there's still a lot we don't understand, so the tracking system is absolutely essential.
© Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.
© Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.
imos What else would you like to share with us?
Hoso Industry Our company is using the HOMAG machines in both factories, in Japan and Vietnam. The data from imos is being processed by these machines, so the connection between imos and HOMAG is very important. Without this, the manufacturing process couldn’t work if nobody paid attention to it. We have received a lot of support so far and we hope that it will continue to do so in the future.

A look into the production

The way of a piece of furniture from iX CAD to assembly

imos iX products in use at Hoso Industry Co., Ltd.


Tool for automated CNC programming

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Tool for design and 3D data modeling

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