TUK Design: Craft 4.0

The carpentry TUK Design is a prime example of how imos iX products optimally support the range of services in terms of flexibility, quality and security, even in small companies. "It's a must," asserts owner Uwe Kleindienst, "if you want to work optimally and economically, you can't get around digitization and proper planning software."

Tischlerei Uwe Kleindienst
Main location
Berlin, Germany
Company size
1-10 employees

Small business big with imos iX

"We work in a two-man team here, and that is only possible because we have digitized all processes from design to production. This gives us the possibilities to produce to a very high standard and to be able to afford excellent machines."

Uwe Kleindienst employs only one apprentice. But what his carpentry shop in the Berlin district of Hohenschönhausen produces in terms of high-quality furniture and interior design for both private and commercial users deserves the greatest attention. Kitchens and bathroom furnishings, interiors, bedroom furnishings, special furniture, everything that has to do with the furniture spectrum is planned, manufactured and assembled here by the company itself.

© TUK Design

Get an insight into the craft 4.0

Uwe Kleindienst will take you to his carpentry workshop and show you how he uses imos iX and what is possible with it.

Digitization in the craft business

TUK Design works with iX CAD and iX CAM. With the planning software, Uwe Kleindienst first creates a 2D design as the basis for customer agreements and quotations. Then a 3D model is generated from it. "It's similar to the shop floor," he explains. "You have various tools to use on the computer to put together the model, where materials, edges and fittings are stored. We then generate all the machining operations, including hole drilling, from the 3D design and derive manufacturing sequences directly for optimal use in our workshop. We draw all production-relevant data from this 3D design."

© TUK Design
© TUK Design

"Via the iX Organizer, we transfer data to the industry program, from which we draw our bills of materials, which tell us which materials, which fittings we have to order. From the industry program, the data goes on to the panel cutting optimization to generate a guided cut. A label with a barcode for each part shows which material to use, the cutting data, which edges belong on that part and in what finish, as well as detailed information for the CNC machining center."

© TUK Design
© TUK Design

"At the CNC, we can rely on iX CAM, which allows us to output the optimal machining for our part at the machine. For pre-assembly in the workshop, we use the 3D drawings that we receive from iX CAD. There we can see directly which part or which fitting is to be installed and how."

TUK Design and imos: A success story for over 20 years.

"When I started my own business in 2000, the decision to use imos products was made relatively quickly. Since then, I've actually been associated with the company and together we've tackled the further development of my business, optimized workflows and set up the machinery so that I can work very efficiently."

"The cooperation with imos is uncomplicated, the people are immediately available, look for solutions. The field service is always there when you need them, and together we think about how to optimize certain things. And the support is really great. So every minute and yet the one or other hour I spent with the implementation was worth it and I am happy and satisfied with the imos software."

imos iX products in use at joinery Uwe Kleindienst


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